Creative Workshops

If you answered YES to any of the questions next to you, it means that you should join us.

Our program is addressed to children aged 7-13 who would like to create from the project to the "final product" with their own hands.

Every day there will be artistic and technical classes during which we will design, draw, paint, sculpt, sew, print, glue, and test.

We will learn about various techniques and artistic crafts. We will create various items, decorate and learn technical solutions - how simple mechanisms work.

We also offer educational games, films and thematic outputs.

Between the workshops, we provide a warm meal, as well as drinks and small snacks.

Our workshops has a great atmosphere.

We respect and listen to each other.

We're having fun, so there's no place for boredom!


Do you like

to spend time creatively?

can you do

everything yourself?

Have you ever

wondered how you could do something better?


We invite all who would like to spend an interesting week in the city